Cost reduction and allocation to drive growth

 Insight 1

Only 2% of organizations were prepared for the disruption.

The shockwaves that the COVID-19 pandemic sent through the broader economy took a heavy toll on businesses.

 Insight 2

Shaking up supply chain strategies is essential.

The pandemic underscored the need for companies to double down on their cost base to ensure viability, achieve their objectives and fund investment in innovation to drive long-term growth.

 Insight 3

A methodical approach to optimizing supply chain costs can fund your organization’s transformation journey and increase revenue.

 Insight 4

A disciplined supply chain cost optimization program becomes essential for business resilience.


 Insight 5

When evaluating how to rein in costs, short-term thinking can steer an organization astray.


 Insight 6

A combination of options can help chart a path forward.

How can you establish a cost reduction program that is sustainable? We share six ideas below.


 Insight 7

Clean and accurate data is fundamental to getting a handle on supply chain costs and reducing costs responsibly.


 Insight 8

Businesses lacking quantitative and qualitative data and analytics capabilities still can move forward to secure improvements in the short term and beyond.

Start small by posing a few questions:  Which areas of the business are in the most distress? Which have the greatest impact on return on investment?


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