How the future of supply chains is digital and autonomous

 Insight 1

The pandemic has indeed accelerated many preexisting trends, and supply chain is no exception.

64% of supply chain executives from an EY December 2020 survey say digital transformation will accelerate due to the pandemic, and the race is on for digital enablement and automation.

 Insight 2

However, simply utilizing digital technologies does not equate to creating a digitized, autonomous supply chain —

it also needs connected supply chain technologies across planning, procurement, manufacturing and logistics that work beyond the organization’s four walls.

 Insight 3

Ultimately, digital and autonomous technologies will help make people’s jobs easier and the supply chain more efficient and optimized.

What comes next?

 Insight 4

The supply chain of the future will need to be agile, flexible, efficient, resilient and digitally networked for improved visibility.

Organizations, therefore, should focus on the following priorities for recovery and beyond.

 Insight 5

The EY survey also found that digital supply chain transformation projects will be mostly funded through enterprise digital transformation budgets.

Companies that successfully transform themselves with a digital supply chain realize the power of a single digital thread extending across all functional areas of the supply chain.

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