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Sustainability: why green supply chains are the key to long-term value

 Insight 1

The days in which sustainability was widely regarded as a mere “nice-to-have” virtue for a business are long gone.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues today represent far more than subjects that trigger a compliance exercise; they are front-burner topics in boardrooms.

 Insight 2

A December 2020 EY survey of 200 senior supply chain executives found that 85% of organizations are more focused than ever on ESG targets, and with good reason.

▉ Insight 3

A commitment to environmental sustainability is important to consumers and institutional investors.

Companies who aren’t committed to reducing their negative impact risk losing business and capital.

▉ Insight 4

Improving environmental sustainability and overall ESG performance throughout the supply chain can help companies enhance processes and reduce costs.

 Insight 5

For companies in the early stages of their ESG journey, seven actions can help address the prevailing supply chain trends and risks that they confront.

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