Why visibility leads to improved supply chain resilience

 Insight 1

As global supply chains adapt to build resilience, the supply chain design must be infused with forward-looking intelligence and decision-making agility.

This places a renewed emphasis on end-to-end network visibility.

 Insight 2

Increased visibility has become a top priority.

The pandemic has proved to be the wake-up call global industries needed to reconfigure supply chains away from the linear, cost-optimized model and toward networked ecosystems focused on risk management and end-to-end visibility.

 Insight 3

The importance of supply chain visibility isn’t confined to its role in mitigating disruption.

True resilience hinges not only on visibility into interruptions, but also on increased transparency around all opportunities and risks across the network.

 Insight 4

Organizations can build a digital view of extended visibility and a data-driven intelligence base to capture risk across the supplier ecosystem.

This includes suppliers, goods/materials, data and digital technologies.

 Insight 5

Scenario modeling plays a critical role in improving supply chain effectiveness.

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