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The EY and Microsoft Alliance combines EY tax and finance intelligence with the leading-class technology capabilities of Microsoft.

In brief:

  • Together, we provide exactly what tax transformation demands: a dynamic new perspective — one that recognizes where you are on this journey.
  • Whether just beginning, in a mature state, or anywhere in between, we help you go beyond your current capabilities.

For years now, there’s been talk of transformation and the idea of “going digital.” This digital transformation, however, is more than just technology – it’s a mindset, one where businesses encourage people to innovate, experiment and enhance.

By embracing this mindset, you bring about tomorrow.


EY-Microsoft teams are operating there – beyond the now – by coupling enterprise tech with the world’s leading tax acumen through the EY-Microsoft Alliance. This alliance is transformative in helping tax functions manage their risk, governance and compliance.


The tax function is moving to the forefront of business, identifying insights and steering strategy.


Come together. Then move ahead.

Today’s state of rapid change is pushing leaders to transform and build their own digital capabilities like never before. With tax data typically stored for a decade or more (coupled with increasing real-time reporting) the scale and pace of global regulatory change make it hard to keep up without a base level of automation.

Active ­(not passive) transformation 

According to the EY Tax and Finance Operate Survey 2022, businesses are actively transforming.

Priorities like automation, service centers and co-sourcing drive 84% of respondents to report changes to tax and finance operating models. And 81% of respondents are more likely than not to co-source tax and finance activities in the next two years.

Tax and finance leaders will want to start by examining their own capabilities and road map for digital technology. This will help enable them to assess the intersection of core business functions, optimum technology blueprint, and the integration needed to empower their organization.

As the pressure on teams continues to multiply and evolve and the war for talent reaches new heights, the need to apply technology to drive efficiency is now. That’s why the EY-Microsoft Alliance is a game-changer. 

With the EY-Microsoft Alliance, we’re blending Microsoft’s foundational cloud technology with the trust and capability of EY Tax and Technology, driving digital transformation and creating long-term value. 

Rout the routine

Reallocating some of the tax and finance budget away from routine activities (e.g., compliance) is on the docket for 95% of companies surveyed. So, where’s that money going? Over the next two years, it will fund strategic efforts ­– legislative, planning and controversy activities.

The EY-Microsoft Alliance

Tax transformation can be daunting. The EY-Microsoft Alliance makes it easier, iteration after iteration.


No matter your transformation goal — or where you are along the way — the EY and Microsoft Alliance can help you overcome the challenges before you and effect real, sustainable change in your organization and the world.

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