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EY QUEST Economic Update examines latest economic trends

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The QUEST Economic Update summarizes the latest key economic and employment trends.

With rapidly changing economic conditions shaping federal policy responses, it is more important than ever to stay on top of recent economic developments and their drivers. Analysts are increasingly relying on real-time data to understand the current situation and predict future conditions. With all the information being shared via various sources and updated on different timelines, it’s helpful to have the relevant statistics summarized in one place. EY’s Economic Update is that place.

EY's Quantitative Economics and Statistics group has developed the Economic Update to highlight the latest key economic and employment trends in a short, easy-to-read format. Charts and graphs are used to present key data in an accessible way. Developments such as growth trends in US gross domestic product, US employment and Federal Reserve activity are highlighted. Employment trends within specific industries are also noted. Additionally, COVID-19 relief and stimulus efforts and economic trends outside the United States that may affect US businesses are tracked.

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The Monthly Economic Update summarizes the latest US economic trends and significant global developments.

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