Americas  Vice Chair – Tax  Kevin Flynn shares how competitive waterskiing prepared him for his long and successful career as a trusted advisor in the EY Americas Tax Practice.

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This “My why, with EY” video provides a glimpse into the personal and professional life of Americas Vice Chair – Tax, Kevin Flynn. In this video, Kevin sheds light on the most fulfilling aspects of his decades-long career in Tax.


“As I took on different leadership positions, it still came back to the same things when working with my clients. Where were they going? How could we be aligned with them? What were the important things for that client? It was all about truly listening to them and understanding their goals,” said Kevin. “That mindset of listening and understanding is equally important with our people and is how I try to lead today.”



The newest “My why, with EY” video features Americas Vice Chair – Tax Kevin Flynn as he reveals what prepared him for his successful career as a trusted advisor in the EY Americas Tax Practice.

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