Retail Stores Reimagined

Through a future-back approach, Retail Stores Reimagined helps retailers evolve brick-and-mortar strategies to meet consumer expectations and provide connected, personalized and innovation-led experiences. Retail Stores Reimagined helps maximize store purpose, footprint and layout; revamp operations; address the talent agenda; and execute fulfillment.

Your business challenge

Heightened consumer demands, new ways of engaging and the need for technology-driven modernization are fueling retail’s evolution. Stores remain a cornerstone of this evolution, shifting from shopping and buying destinations to experience-driven, integrated touch points within the entire retail ecosystem. To compete in an increasingly digital world, retailers need a store strategy that goes beyond brick and mortar.

Solution benefits

In addition to helping you better meet customer expectations and increase engagement, reshaping the in-store experience can also boost operational efficiency, reduce costs and bolster sales. Other benefits include:

  • Driving growth amid rapid change and future-proofing the business
  • Building agile, transparent and resilient operating models
  • Prioritizing the company’s purpose to align with consumer values

Solution features and functionality

Our Retail Stores Reimagined capabilities are organized into three areas of opportunity that retailers should capitalize on to transform. The EY team can help you with:

Why EY

With 6,000 retail professionals serving 12,000 clients, EY teams have deep sector knowledge and experience to take retailers beyond brick and mortar. From data, technology and processes, to the humans responsible, we help reinvent stores and create seamless, integrated experiences.

Alliance relationships

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