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Why fusion is the holy grail for clean energy generation

In the second episode of the Decoding Innovation podcast series, General Fusion CEO Greg Twinney talks about why fusion is the most sustainable approach to clean energy production.

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The innovative techniques in fusion energy generation hold the key to designing commercially viable fusion plants worldwide. The technological approach that has been used for fusion defines the economic and commercial success. Additional peripheral technologies have helped bring innovative fusion techniques into reality that was deemed unimaginable.

Greg Twinney is a disruptive innovator in the fusion space. As the CEO of General Fusion, he shares his insights on the right combinations and the secret sauce for disruptive innovation, General Fusion’s approach to generating clean fusion energy, and much more.

Key takeaways:

  • The technological approach to fusion plays a key role in building a commercially viable fusion power plant.
  • Fusion energy, coupled with additional peripheral technologies, can be a game changer for clean energy generation worldwide.
  • The focus on achieving net positive energy is key to building a successful fusion plant.

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Episode 2


15m 21s