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Why EV’s future is bright despite economic and geopolitical headwinds

In this episode of the Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility podcast, EY analysts Anil Valsan and Anuj Chandna discuss the EY Mobility Lens Forecaster Suite and the future of EVs.

The electric vehicle (EV) sector is witnessing consistent growth despite the numerous challenges in the mobility market, brought on by frequent supply chain disruptions, consumer hesitancy and inflationary pressures, among others. But what is the future for EVs and EV adoption?

The EY Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility team has developed a dynamic forecasting model that will support the mobility industry in decision-making processes, product planning, partnerships and market-entry strategy.

The EY Mobility Lens Forecaster Suite is a neural net-based model powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that takes various metrics into consideration, such as geopolitical events, supply chain crises, charging infrastructure rollout and others. It enables the model to refresh regularly and provide accurate forecasts as per the evolving market.

In this episode of the EY Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Business Minute podcast, Anil Valsan, EY Global Automotive & Transportation Lead Analyst, and Anuj Chandna, EY Global Advanced Manufacturing and Mobility Analyst, explore the future of EV adoption, with the insights generated with the EY Mobility Lens Forecaster Suite.

Key Takeaways:

  • The flexibility and scalability to customize mobility forecasts gives a competitive edge for the EY Mobility Lens Forecaster.
  • Sustainability is one of the vital motivators for consumers to buy an electric vehicle.
  • Creative leasing models can help the consumer surpass their hesitancy and embrace the EV experience.
  • The introduction of more digital features and personalized digital experiences are going to attract first-time EV buyers.

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