How technology transforms the role of the CFO

In this episode of Better Finance podcast, EY dives into the future of finance with Microsoft to uncover how the role of the CFO is continuing to evolve.

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Myles Corson, Global and Americas Strategy and Markets Leader of Financial Accounting Advisory Services, and Tony Klimas, Global Performance Improvement Finance Leader, were guests on Microsoft’s Connected & Ready podcast. This weekly podcast is a conversation with business leaders about innovation, resilience, and our capacity to succeed.

Learn how CFOs meet changing demands while driving growth as Connected & Ready podcast host Gemma Milne discusses the future of finance with two leaders from Ernst & Young.

Topics explored during include the dynamics behind the shifting role of the CFO.

  • How CFOs can equip themselves to meet new demands as they evolve.
  • How to balance technological innovation with risk, and short-term growth with long-term value.

Discover how to strike a balance between short-term growth and long-term value, the use of technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, as a competitive advantage, and how CFOs can take a more strategic role within their organizations.

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Key takeaways:

  • Finance leaders should embrace change and other disruptions taking place today to build for the future.
  • As stewards of long-term value for their organizations, CFOs and Finance leaders play a pivotal role in the balance of short-term growth with long-term value.
  • Advancing technologies will continue drive enterprise wide efficiencies and effectiveness. Finance leaders who can balance people talent with smart machines, will ultimately help shape the future of their enterprise.

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Season 3, Episode 6


38m 32s