What finance can expect with integrated CPM and reporting technologies

In this episode of the Better Finance podcast, Maria Montenegro, Wolters Kluwer and James Paterson from CCH Tagetik discuss the integration of ESG with financial and operational reporting.


Season 6, Episode 3


35m 38s

As organizations continue to drive change management and adopt behaviors that embed sustainability into their processes, the integration of ESG performance management with financial and operational reporting is quickly becoming the norm in driving improved business outcomes.

However, it’s a complex task to harmonize financial, strategic, operational and sustainability goals. Finance executives may find themselves taking the lead to standardize and validate the accuracy of integrated financial and nonfinancial data.

In this episode, podcast host Myles Corson, EY Global and Americas Strategy and Markets Leader, is in conversation with Maria Montenegro, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Wolters Kluwer, Vice President and James Paterson, General Manager from CCH Tagetik, North America. The speakers discuss how leveraging the corporate performance management (CPM) and ESG technology platforms from Enablon and CCH Tagetik can help provide a centralized source of accessible and reliable data. They also explore how this increases collaboration, and integrates risk management and performance improvement with reporting.

Key takeaways:

  • Finance leaders, with ever-evolving job descriptions, need innovative technology that can solve the ESG, finance and operational challenges of today and tomorrow.
  • The finance function, sustainability, risk, internal audit and others need to share, report and create meaningful uses of data that empower the organization to continually measure and improve ESG performance.
  • With the ESG software market growing fast and the vendor landscape highly fragmented, leading software solutions are evolving to help drive enterprise-wide digital transformation.
  • Finance professionals who can fill knowledge gaps and identify and implement leading process workflows and technologies are critical to driving collaboration across the business.

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.