What sets exceptional CFOs apart: unlocking the secrets of success

In this episode of The Better Finance podcast, Jack McCullough, president of The CFO Leadership Council, joins host Myles Corson to explore what makes an elite CFO.

In this episode of The EY Better Finance podcast, Jack McCullough, president of The CFO Leadership Council, and Myles Corson, EY Global and Americas Strategy and Markets Leader, dive into the world of CFOs, exploring the unique qualities that make them successful. Jack highlights that it's not just skills, but also personality traits, that can make an exceptional CFO stand out. Jack shares valuable insights on how to develop these traits and build stronger cross functional relationships.

Jack emphasizes the importance of fostering a culture of transparency where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and learning from mistakes. He also explains that as a CFO, it can be crucial to help everyone understand the company's goals and values.

In this episode, Jack also stresses the significance of establishing a personal brand as a CFO. This brand reflects one's expertise, reputation, and values within the industry. He discusses the role of a CFO as a storyteller and provides examples on how to create narratives that resonate with specific audiences.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the unique qualities that can set exceptional CFOs apart
  • Learn to foster a transparent culture of innovation and learning
  • Understand the importance of building robust relationships across different departments
  • Recognize the power of communication in the CFO role

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Season 6, Episode 8


31m 50s