How innovations in the nuclear sector can help move toward net zero

In this episode, Martin Freer, nuclear physicist and the Director of Birmingham Energy Institute and the Energy Research Accelerator, discusses the role of alternative fuels and the potential of nuclear energy.

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As we navigate technological advancements and new iterations of industrialization cycles, finding sustainable alternative energy sources should also be top of mind.

Martin Freer, a seasoned nuclear physicist, the Director of Birmingham Energy Institute, and the Director of the Energy Research Accelerator, discusses how harnessing nuclear power can help reduce humanity's impact on nature. He also shares his insights on alternatives fuels, challenges faced by the innovators in the nuclear energy landscape and the possibilities of nuclear fusion.

Key takeaways:

  • Government has an important role to play in setting framework and strategy. It should be a long-term commitment that allows larger companies to invest in nuclear power initiatives.
  • The lack of support toward services and technology is one of the crucial hindrances several companies face. The solution is engaging between people with different skill sets and creating a balance.
  • The rate of progress is too swift for industries. It is important to find new ways of working, investing and supporting the development in the nuclear power sector.

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Mitali Sharma

Mitali Sharma
Former host, Decoding Innovation podcast

Martin Freer

Martin Freer
Director, Birmingham Energy Institute, University of Birmingham; Director, Energy Research Accelerator


Episode 21


43m 2s