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In this Tech Directions podcast episode, we tackle the pressing questions on transformative power of automation and AI.

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On this episode of the EY-Microsoft Tech Directions podcast, host Susannah Streeter welcomes Jack Virdee, VP of Finance and Automation Leader at Omnicom, Stephen Siciliano, VP Power Automate at Microsoft and William Smith, Senior Manager at EY LLP, to deep dive into the world of automation and AI. 

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, stagnant and outdated business processes are more than just financial pitfalls—they are barriers to scaling and innovation. The incentives to shift to automation and leverage AI are massive.

Consider the metrics: Companies that have successfully embraced automation and AI have reported significant cost savings and a notable competitive advantage in their respective markets. But unlocking this potential requires more than just adopting new technologies—it mandates a shift in organizational thinking and alignment.

A common misconception? The more complicated the technology, the superior its capabilities. But as businesses soon realize, complexity often leads to inefficiency. Thus, the clarion call is clear: Automate smart, not hard. So, how do businesses effectively harness out-of-the-box AI capabilities, pre-built integrations, and generative AI strategies? What are the tangible benefits, and how does one sidestep the pitfalls?

This episode aims to answer these pressing questions and shed light on the transformative power of automation and AI.

Key takeaways:  

  • In a landscape where numerous enterprises consistently leverage AI without fully understanding its potential or nuances, optimizing its application is a pivotal factor in maximizing business value.
  • Crafting a comprehensive, forward-thinking AI integration strategy is paramount. Prioritize implementations that resonate profoundly with the organization's unique challenges and overarching business objectives.
  • Addressing employee concerns is pivotal. With the right change management strategies, AI and automation can transition from perceived threats to essential tools that elevate employee roles.

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Episode 14


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