How the path to a sustainable health system unlocks value

In this episode of the EY Health Sciences and Wellness Experience Podcast, Aloha McBride and her guests explore how organizations can reduce climate impact, increase efficiencies and unburden the system.

For health systems confronting overwhelmed budgets, increased labor costs, health inequities, workforce burnout and a pandemic, the idea of investing into new sustainability strategies can seem overwhelming, and many may not know where to begin. In this new EY Health Sciences & Wellness Experience podcast, our panel of experts discuss where organizations can start on their sustainability journey, including first steps that can bring about efficiencies such as with waste streams or emissions.

Data and analytics will be key to success in building out longer-term sustainability strategies in line with the sector’s mission to improve health, as well as helping health organizations to comply with increasing regulations in this area. Our panel brings in global examples to help illustrate the possibilities, and underline how to make a strong business case for an increased focus on sustainability. The panelists also discuss the importance of trust and transparency and how to work with stakeholders to bring about consensus about the road ahead.

The overall conversation highlights how a mission-oriented industry can lessen its impact on the local communities served and to the planet.

Key takeaways:

  • Lessons learned working toward making health systems more sustainable
  • Steps that health organizations can take now to lessen their impact on the environment
  • What role can data and analytics can play in helping health organizations advance their sustainability goals
  • Who to partner with to help your health organization to move toward sustainability
  • How to help change behavior to incentivize and encourage systems to be sustainable
  • What the risk of inaction can be, and why to act now

For your convenience, full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


Episode 08


32m 23s