How to integrate natural capital into business decision making

In this episode, EY’s Chris Hagler welcomes Mark Gough and Carter Ingram to discuss the integration of natural capital into corporate decision making.

As society looks towards making decisions for the long-term prosperity of people, it is becoming more clear that organizations need a deeper understanding of the value of natural, social and human capital in order to have a stronger fact basis for decision making.

The Natural Capital Coalition brought together many competing initiatives to create one internationally accepted framework. Organizations can use this framework to incorporate the value of capitals into their everyday decision making.

Key Takeaways

  • The use of capitals thinking can help businesses ensure that their decisions are not based strictly on financial figures, but include the important natural, social and human elements of their organization.
  • Measuring and valuing capitals helps companies transition from big commitments and statements into day-to-day actions.
  • A capitals approach should support decision making and underpin an organization’s business strategy, not compete with it.
  • Stakeholder engagement is a key component of using the capitals approach effectively. The protocols are just the first step, bringing people together to discuss the issues together is where transformation begins to take hold.

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Season 2, Episode 6


36m 27s