Business impacts of sustainability and ESG tax policies

Governments around the world are increasingly using tax policy to encourage clean and renewable energy investment and to help regulate carbon, plastics and other consumption/emissions-based market activities. Government policies and ambitious sustainability goals from both the public and private sector have put environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the forefront of business conversations.

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Join us for the first in a quarterly series of webcasts discussing the role of tax in sustainability and how it can impact businesses’ ESG strategy and operations. Topics will include:

  • The impact of sustainability on business and tax operations
  • The sustainability tax landscape
  • The legislative and tax policy emphasis on climate change


  • Monica Dimitracopoulos, EY Americas Corporate Sustainability and ESG Leader
  • Kevin Dehner, Managing Director, Sustainability Tax Center of Excellence, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Rachel Strong, Senior Manager, Tax Policy and Sustainability Tax Services, Ernst & Young LLP


  • Kristen Gray, EY Americas Sustainability and ESG Tax Leader
EY webcast managed and produced by Ernst & Young LLP’s Tax Technical Knowledge Services Group, Washington, DC: Lynn Fairfax 


CPE credits: 1.2


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