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Economic impact of AI: the dawn of a new economic paradigm?

GenAI has rapidly become a tour de force not only in scientific domains but also in the realms of economics, governance and corporate strategies. This surging interest in the economic potential of GenAI is emblematic of the technology’s transformative potential to reshape the world.

As GenAI increasingly anchors itself at the nexus of technological advancement and economic growth it gives rise to opportunities and challenges. On one hand, there is an optimistic projection that GenAI could catalyze groundbreaking scientific research and lead to a renaissance of innovation and productivity. Conversely, there’s an apprehension that GenAI could lead to job losses and other undesirable outcomes.

  • How GenAI will affect the global economy and how quickly the impact could be felt
  • Economic opportunities and risks presented by GenAI
  • Actionable insights tailored for business leaders, boards of directors, policymakers and other influential stakeholders

Key learnings include the following:

  • Gain knowledge to better navigate this transformative era
  • Recognize factors that can affect GenAI’s potential impact on the economy and labor markets
  • Identify likely future scenarios for GenAI’s effects on productivity and growth
  • Make informed choices about your GenAI strategy


CPE credits: 1.0


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