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How companies navigate sustainability ambition and greenwashing risks


Amidst heightened regulatory and stakeholder scrutiny, this webcast sheds light on the complexities of sustainability transformation and its impact on global organizations.

Panelists will discuss the challenges that companies encounter when trying to balance ambitious aspirations, regulatory compliance and greenwashing as part of their sustainability initiatives and offer practical insights to help drive meaningful change to mitigate the risks of greenwashing.

Additionally, it will provide an exclusive opportunity to preview the highly anticipated Global Integrity Report 2024, set to launch this spring. This report explores the significance of governance, culture, and technology in realizing organizational ESG ambitions.

Topics discussed include:

  • Providing a balance between today’s regulatory requirements and tomorrow’s sustainability ambitions.
  • Highlighting why establishing the right governance and a culture of transparency is important in the ESG journey.
  • Gaining insights from the upcoming Global Integrity Report and what organizations should be thinking about related to their sustainability initiatives.



CPE credits: 1.2

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