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Adlai Goldberg

EY wavespace™ Americas Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

Digital pioneer with a background in storytelling and TV. Problem-solver who co-creates experiences to tackle challenges and unlock innovation. Global citizen with deep knowledge of life sciences.

With over 25 years of designing and facilitating immersive experiences, Adlai Goldberg serves as EY wavespace™ Americas Leader, helping clients and people reimagine what’s possible in a constantly changing world.

Adlai’s extensive experience in media, communications and consulting has consistently driven innovation across various industries and regions. He excels at fostering collaboration, breaking down barriers and empowering teams to turn ideas into action, regardless of the challenge or opportunity.

Before joining EY wavespace, Adlai was the EY Global Life Sciences Digital, Social and Commercial Innovation Leader. 

In a career that has taken him to Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia and Switzerland, he established the EY global Social Media Services and Analytics Hub, led EY’s response to the 2004 tsunami affecting Southeast Asia, and helped launch the world’s first interactive television platform in Hong Kong.

How Adlai is building a better working world

“I count myself fortunate to have experienced two deeply meaningful chapters in my career, each leaving a profound mark on the world and touching the lives of others.

In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, I've had the privilege of contributing to the reconstruction efforts in communities across Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Over three years, I worked closely with donors and NGOs, ensuring efficient allocation of resources to maximize aid impact. Additionally, I played a role in designing and overseeing the first commemoration program for the Republic of Indonesia.

Secondly, I had the opportunity to be part of designing and constructing the essential digital infrastructure required to advance personalized therapies. These groundbreaking treatments hold the potential to one day cure cancer and rare diseases, offering hope to millions around the globe.”

Adlai’s latest thinking

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