For life sciences companies, complying with government contract obligations requires a mastery of regulations and commercial business operations. One without the other is a recipe for noncompliance.

Alixe Bonelli Alixe Bonelli

EY Americas Government Contract Services Principal

A principal with Ernst & Young LLP. Provides prospective, reactive and managed compliance-oriented services to life sciences entities participating in government contract programs.

Alixe began her career with the firm in 1999, was introduced to life sciences and government pricing specifically. 21 years later, she still affectionally calls herself a “GP geek.”

In her formative career years, most of Alixe’s work was reactive disputes due to real and alleged noncompliance. This lens provided Alixe a unique perspective to see how the commercial systems were restricting her clients and how data integrity played a critical role in compliant price reporting, sparking her and her team to build better, more transparent, user-friendly and auditable revenue management, revenue leakage prevention and government pricing technology.

Alixe now shares her time equally with prospective managed services and compliance analytics.

How Alixe is building a better working world

Alixe has always believed that there “has to be a better way” than the status quo. This mindset fueled her early career years leveraging advanced modeling because doing the same thing over and over is mentally exhausting. Alixe has continued to develop and leverage advanced technology to solve complex data, enterprise and pricing challenges. It’s that mindset that she brings to her clients, continuously looking for efficiencies so they can focus on what really matters — bringing strategic value to the business to enable better business decisions, which ultimately helps what is most meaningful to her clients and patients.

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