Andrew Phillips
It is an exciting time to be at the intersection of tax and regulatory policy, economic development and impact measurement and corporate investment decision-making.

Andrew Phillips

EY Principal, Quantitative Economics & Statistics

Economist, seasoned traveler, novice cross-fitter.

Andrew focuses on analyzing the economic impact of public policies (tax and regulatory), the economic contributions of corporations and infrastructure projects and business investment analysis including local market analysis and economic development services.

Andrew’s past experience includes a significant amount of work in the US, at the state and local levels of government, plus work throughout the Americas and globally across a wide range of industries.

Prior to joining the EY organization, Andrew helped found a boutique software company focused on tax data analytics for the public sector and tax compliance.

Andrew holds a Master’s of Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Emory University.

How Andrew is building a better working world 

“I focus on helping the public and private sectors reach better policy outcomes by developing quantitative analysis to be used in that process.

From understanding how state and local governments can do more to drive economic growth through policy, to helping clients demonstrate the value their companies bring to the economies and communities they operate in, my analyses help policymakers arrive at better decisions.”

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