We work with both the public sector and EY clients to build a better, less criminal world.

Bram van Sunder Bram van Sunder

Partner, Financial Services, EY Advisory Netherlands LLP

Optimist. Constructive. Relationship-focused. Network-based mindset, adept at making connections.

Bram van Sunder helps financial institutions prevent financial crimes. He views banks and insurers as the gatekeepers of the financial system, with a key role in preventing criminal activities such as money laundering, the funding of criminal enterprises and networks for human trafficking.

He has been with EY since 2010. Bram’s creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and international experience have helped him build a wealth of knowledge, from which he can draw on a daily basis.

Bram studied Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam and took a Master’s degree in Management Consultancy at Erasmus University Rotterdam. However, he previously ran his own business in China as well, where he provided consultancy services to local SMEs.

How Bram is building a better working world

“The Financial Crime and Conduct Consultants team works toward building a better working world on a daily basis. We do so by contributing to the integrity of our financial system. More resilient gatekeepers will automatically reduce the likelihood of financial crime. My team includes a broad range of experts with entirely different backgrounds and experiences. We work with both the public sector and EY clients to build a better, less-criminal world.

As we are seeing the introduction of increasingly complex legislation, aimed at the prevention of financial crimes, I help our clients navigate those obligations in day-to-day practice. This process is proving to be a real challenge, with many struggling to assess themselves objectively: are we on the right track, are we future proof? I help them connect to the experts that they need.”

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