I am committed to conducting objective economic analysis and providing insights to clients that are written to be readily accessible to participants in the policy community and the media.

Dr. Brandon M. Pizzola

EY US Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST) Senior Manager

Economist with a strong background in economic and econometric modeling. His analyses of public policy issues have been published in academic journals and the media.

Brandon has extensive experience estimating the micro- and macro-economic impacts of changes in tax, regulatory, energy and other economic policies at the national, regional, industry, market and company levels.

Brandon’s past economic modeling projects range from simulating fundamental policy reforms — such as business and individual tax reform and replacing the United States’ regulatory-focused CO2 abatement regime with a carbon tax — to changes in specific tax provisions such as the like-kind exchange rules and 163(j) interest expense limitation.

He has also modeled changes in the profitability of portfolios of investments for thousands of alternative economic and policy scenarios. His company-level tax modeling tools have been used by approximately 200 companies.

How Brandon is building a better working world 

“I help public- and private-sector clients by providing objective analyses of economic policy issues. My primary focus is leveraging academic research and methodologies to solve real-world problems. In particular, I look to provide clients with insights on how economic policy will impact their companies and markets as well as regional and national economies.”

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