My passion is to use quantitative analysis to help clients make informed decisions in the areas of tax policy, workforce development, and economic and social impact.

Caroline Sallee

EY US Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST) Managing Director

Economist with a strong background in economic and social impact measurement, state and local tax analysis, and workforce analytics.

With 18 years of experience, Caroline is a managing director at Ernst & Young LLP who assists public and private sector organizations quantify the impact that their operations, investments, or policy changes will have in their communities.

Her experience includes assisting state and city governments with tax analysis, revenue forecasting, and economic and fiscal impact analysis. She brings the same skill set to private sector clients, helping them demonstrate the jobs, income and tax revenue that their companies bring to the economies and communities they operate in.

Caroline is also focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) consulting, advising clients on social impact measurement.

Prior to joining EY US in 2012, Caroline was the director of public policy and economic analysis at Anderson Economic Group.

Caroline holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History from Augustana College.

How Caroline is building a better working world

“My passion is to help private and public sector clients make informed decisions in the areas of tax policy, economic impact and social impact. I leverage data and trusted methodologies to provide insights in how particulate investments, commitments, or policy changes by businesses or governments will impact stakeholders in their communities.”

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