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Christopher Deelsnyder

Ernst & Young LLP US State, Local & Education Market | Health & Human Services leader

Executive Director of Ernst & Young LLP and US HHS Market Leader. IT advisory and outsourcing industry veteran. Father to four daughters. Avid angler splitting time between VA and ME.

As the Health & Human Services Leader for US State, Local & Education Market at Ernst & Young LLP, Chris is responsible for market, strategy and execution.  He leads the effort to drive the brand into the HHS market.  Chris is actively engaged in identifying and attracting key industry thought leaders and experts.

Previously, he has led government health practices at EDS, ACS & Accenture focused on outsourcing, advisory and transactional BPO. 

How Chris is building a better working world

Through our transformative services and technologies EY is focused on using data and digital innovations to address many of the most pressing social crises facing the world today.  We have brought into the firm not only experts in the field but people whose passion is in helping solve the challenges faced by our most vulnerable citizens.

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