Debera Salam

EY Employment Tax Advisory Services Associate Director

Thought leader. Committed to empowering the payroll community with learning tools. Author. Passionate about combining the creative, innovative and technical.

Areas of focus

Debby is Associate Director of Payroll Information Management for Ernst & Young LLP’s Employment Tax Services. Her experience in payroll research, process and audit, publishing, and advocacy is applied both internally and externally through publications, webcasts, training and project management with a federal, state and local employment tax compliance focus. Debby also functions as a subject matter leader on projects involving payroll and employment tax requirements.

Most recently, Debby was responsible for the design and implementation of a software-enabled system for quickly identifying tax and reporting configuration errors with payroll system earnings and deduction codes. 

Debby is Editor-in-Chief of the monthly journal, Payroll Perspectives, and is the author of Principles of Payroll Administration and the Payroll Practitioner’s Compliance Handbook, published by Research Institute of America, and Mastering Payroll, published by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Debby is a Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) through the American Payroll Association.

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