Dimitry Afanasyev
Now is an amazing time when technology and business are so intertwined, they become extensions of each other. The new blended roles are transforming the working world in ways not seen before.

Dmitriy Afanasyev

EY Americas Consulting Technology Strategy Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

Technology strategy leader focused on transforming businesses to keep up with technological innovation. Optimist and believer in potential of all people.

Areas of focus Consulting Technology
Office San Jose, US

Dmitriy is part of the Technology Strategy team. In this role, he advises C-level technology and business leaders on the current state and future of technology implications to enable their business agenda.

His experience includes leading and delivering projects around the world focused on technology and business alignment, technology strategy, product management, technology operating model and technology transformation planning and execution. He is passionate about developing the people on his teams and enabling innovative ways to help his clients succeed.

Dmitriy holds a Business Administration degree from Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley and is a native of Moscow, Russia.

How Dmitriy is building a better working world 

“In my work, it is easy to be so fascinated by technological advances that one can lose sight of why we advance technology in the first place. It is critical for me to remember that building a better working world starts with people that the world consists of. New technologies, operating models, ways of working and other innovations all begin with people they benefit. I always think back to the experiences we create for people who use the technology we enable. If people’s experience has improved because of my work, I know that I’ve helped improve the working world.

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