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Eliza Biedziak

Senior Manager, Forensic & Integrity Services, Ernst & Young LLP

Forever curious, practical and efficient. Proactively seeking process improvement to drive innovation.

Eliza frequently leads engagements involving government pricing and compliance reviews for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers. In this role, she manages litigation engagements involving calculation of damages associated with pricing practices. She also prepares and presents findings and refund calculations to contracting officers, agency inspectors general and attorneys and participates in follow-up agency reviews.

Eliza has performed numerous compliance assessments and recalculations for programs and contracts under the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program (MDRP); Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003; Public Health Service Act (PHS) Section 340B and Veterans Affairs (VA) Federal Supply Schedule (FSS).

Eliza’s experience includes serving as an independent review organization provider, managing compliance and risk assessments, as well as designing and implementing compliance testing protocols driven by corporate integrity agreements related to government programs.

How Eliza is building a better working world

As a strategic business advisor, Eliza plays an instrumental role in guiding clients through the many complexities of government programs, including the interpretation and application of government rules, regulations and policies governing the calculation of various government pricing metrics. She assists clients in building models and tools to calculate average manufacturer price, best price, average sales price and nonfederal average manufacturer price. Eliza’s extensive experience in the assessment of FSS contracts negotiated with the VA allows her to assist clients in identifying risks and exposure under the price adjustment and price reduction clauses.

Eliza recognizes the power of diversity of skills, styles and interests as an essential ingredient to personal and professional development.

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