Eloise Wagner
Change does not have to be intimidating. We can help you navigate through the challenges brought by change.

Eloise Wagner

EY Americas Technical Accounting Advisory Group (TAAG) Leader and Enhanced Corporate Reporting and Accounting (ECRA) Leader

Working to find practical solutions to complex financial reporting problems. Passionate about empowering diversity and flexibility in the professional world.

As EY Americas TAAG Leader, Eloise leverages deep technical knowledge and extensive experience to simplify complex accounting and reporting problems and provide practical recommendations so that our clients’ finance teams can focus on supporting their businesses.

As EY Americas ECRA Leader, Eloise helps clients more broadly with both financial and nonfinancial accounting and reporting matters. The nonfinancial aspect includes helping prepare for new regulations and accounting standards related to environmental, social and governance reporting.

She has over 25 years of experience assisting clients across multiple sectors with financial reporting, from external audit and technical accounting, to accounting process improvement and complex transactions.

Eloise has undergraduate and graduate degrees from L‘Université du Québec à Montreal and is a certified public accountant and chartered accountant.

How Eloise is building a better working world 

I am helping clients address the uncertainty of change in their financial and nonfinancial reporting environment. Change can come in the form of new accounting standards, new climate change and other ESG regulations, transactions, emerging technology, market movements and other sources. I help clients navigate all of that change while limiting the disruption to their business.

I am also passionate about helping to develop future business leaders. I want to instill in them the talent and integrity that have helped me to serve my clients while also pushing forward on the boundaries of diversity, inclusiveness and flexibility.

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