Few things are as rewarding as removing silos and needless bureaucracies so that people who are seeking public health services have easy access to high-quality care.

Frank W Berry

Managing Director, Government and Public Sector, Ernst & Young LLP

In private sector after 35 years in public sector. As the previous commissioner of two state agencies, he helped people access high quality health care.

Frank is a managing director in Markets and Business Development in Ernst & Young LLP’s Government and Public Sector practice. In his EY role, he will continue his passion for helping people at a national level by helping systems improve processes and providing guidance and consultation.

How Frank is building a better working world 

I am building a better working world by helping city, county and state departments become high-performing agencies of government.

As a former commissioner of two state agencies, I have seen that great things can be accomplished through inclusive partnerships of internal and external stakeholders.

I am a big believer in teamwork and partnerships. They are foundational to building the dynamic health care environment of the future. Sharing a focus on customer service, communication, teamwork, and accountability has important ripple effects: it allows individuals and families access to a comprehensive, integrated continuum of care, with life-changing results.

This is my way of building a better working world, and it is incredibly gratifying.  

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