Enterprises that create and capture network capital are the future. In the platform economy, enterprise future value is in expanding cross-industry ecosystems and opening platforms that enable them.

Golnar Pooya

Principal, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Passionate about turning new disruptive technologies into revenue-generating solutions. Helps companies identify, create and capitalize on the value of the network. Wife and mother of two. Avid skier.

Golnar is a principal and business transformation advisor in the Consulting service line. She works with clients to identify, create and scale new offers to drive B2B growth, and develop solution-selling capabilities to win in their services business. She helps clients shape and execute transformative programs to accelerate time to value and increase value realization from new value propositions and offers in emerging and expanding ecosystems.

Golnar helps companies capitalize on disruptive technologies to drive productivity and incremental revenue, and expand their ecosystem engagements to drive new revenue in existing and new markets. She designed a framework to help companies expand cross-industry ecosystems and has contributed to a book, Selling Through Someone Else: How to use Agile Sales Networks to Sell More.

She has an Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree from the University of California at Berkeley and has an MS and MBA from the London Business School.

How Golnar is building a better working world

“I collaborate with clients to look beyond their needs and wants for the now. I help them reimagine the outcomes they can target for their customers, their customers’ customers and for the community with their existing vast data and distinctive capabilities. I help bring an outside-in perspective to co-create provocative and high-impact North Stars, as well as future-back and human-centric roadmaps and creative execution structures to make the North Star achievable.”

Golnar's latest thinking

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