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Gopika Parikh

Managing Director, Credits and Incentives

Gopika leads the Credits and Incentives Practice for the Financial Services Office of Ernst & Young LLP (“EY US”). She has more than nineteen years of experience with the firm.

Gopika has focused on credits and incentives as they relate to the financial services industry.  She helps clients understand the tax implications of relocation, expansion and consolidation, develops analysis tools to provide detailed modeling of potential tax effects, and identifies incentives that reward business decisions that also help communities.

During Gopika’s tenure at EY US, she has successfully spearheaded projects to secure and implement tax and financial incentives on behalf of clients across industries, but has had a special focus on the financial services industry since 2011.

She has presented at various industry conferences and authored several articles. 

Gopika is an Enrolled Agent, which authorizes her to represents clients before the Internal Revenue Service, holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in Business and Communications from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore.  She is also accredited as a LEED-AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the US Green Building Council.

Prior to joining EY US, Gopika spent six years in business development and project management for business consulting firms.

How Gopika is building a better working world 

Gopika has spent time with EY’s Corporate Social Responsbility Program called EY Vantage.  The EY Vantage Program promotes social and economic growth in emerging markets. As a part of this program, Gopika spent 3 months in Nicaragua assisting entrepreneurs and working with them to identify and address their key business challenges.  She specifically worked with small dairy farmers who developed a Cooperative to pool their dairy supplies to be able to sell their products into global markets.  In this role, she aided in developing a previously non-existent inventory system for the farmers.

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