James Mackie
It is an exciting time to be a tax economist. It is very rewarding to help clients understand the effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on their business, industry, and the economy more broadly.

James Mackie

EY Americas National co-director, EY Quantitative Economics and Statistics (QUEST)

Economist. Mentor. Father. Husband.

Areas of focus Tax

James supervises the QUEST practice and specializes in federal tax and trade policy.

Prior to joining Ernst & Young LLP (EY), he was the Director of the US Treasury’s Office of Tax Analysis. There he led a group of 50 PhD economists who did academic research and supported the adminsitration’s tax policy initiatives. He worked closely with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in developing and anlyzing the TCJA. When leaving Treasury, James received the prestigous Hamilton Award.

At EY, he has worked on analyses of the macroeconomic and tax revenue effects of the TCJA, causes and consequeneces of the federal budget deficit, causes and consequences of trade deficits and the effects of tariffs on the US economy, and the effects of tax and other policy reforms on the economies of the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He has spoken frequently to industry groups on these issues.

How James is building a better working world

“I am helping clients understand the recent sea changes in US tax and trade policy so that they are better able to navigate and compete in the rapidly evolving business world. I am grateful to be able to mentor a team of eager and bright future policy and business leaders.”

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