At EY, we need to have a maniacal appreciation of the clients’ experiences and the outcomes they’re trying to achieve. Most of the best innovation I’ve seen here has stemmed from that extreme focus.

Jeffrey Saviano

EY Global Emerging Technology Strategy & Governance Leader

Emerging technology for corporate boards and the C-suite. Better Innovation podcast host. TEDx Speaker. Husband and dad of three. Tennis player.

As the EY Emerging Technology Strategy & Governance Leader at EY, Jeff advises corporate boards, C-suite executives and senior government officials on the risks, opportunities, and policy/governance implications emanating from innovative technology, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence and Web3.

Jeff leads teams addressing complex technology issues, drawing from his extensive experience with emerging technology influenced business models. He advises clients as they navigate the intricate landscape of technology adoption, adhering to ethical governance practices.

Jeff hosts the EY Better Innovation podcast, which features interviews with thought leaders and explores stories of how innovation is reshaping and transforming business in an inextricably digital world.

Having started his EY career over 30 years ago, Jeff has extensive tax, innovation and emerging technology strategy experience.

Jeff received a BSc in Accounting from Iona University, a JD from Syracuse University College of Law and an LLM degree from the Boston University School of Law.

How Jeffrey is building a better working world

Jeff regularly works with leading universities to bring multi-stakeholders together to solve intricate problems relevant to both the public and private sectors. This includes designing and leading symposia, directly engaging with university research communities and producing thought pieces that have a positive impact on the business community and society at large.

Jeffrey's latest thinking