Justin O'Brien
Very few customers come to a bank because of an excellent customer tax reporting operation, but there is reason to believe that customers will leave over a subpar operation.

Justin O’Brien

EY Americas Financial Services Tax Principal

Principal in financial services. Focused on improving customer tax operations and reporting through innovative technologies.

Justin is a Principal in the Financial Services Office of Ernst & Young LLP (EY US), specializing in Tax Technology and Transformation.  

Justin focuses on both domestic reporting and withholding issues (Form 1099 and back-up withholding) and non-resident alien reporting and withholding issues (Forms 1042 section 1441 withholding) as well as qualified intermediary issues.

Justin concentrates on assisting clients with large implementation projects including FATCA, CRS, Cost Basis, 305(c) and 871(m).

Prior to joining EY US, Justin held various positions in corporate tax and operations in the private sector within the financial services industry, focusing on US withholding tax information reporting.

Justin received his BS in Marketing from Saint Peter’s University.

How Justin is building a better working world

Customer Tax Operations and Reporting Services (CTORS) end-to-end (E2E) is at the forefront of tax technology. With our integrated suite of services, Justin is helping EY US be a leading customer tax operations utility for a broad set of industry participants. 

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