Smart, healthy, energy-efficient and resilient buildings are at the center of important transformations today. The time to act is now.

Ken Carroll

Managing Director, Corporate Real Estate Consulting and Technology, Ernst & Young LLP

Experienced executive and innovator. Championing the use of engineering and software innovations at organizations large and small. Irish. Dubliner. Love Gaelic football and rugby.

Ken is a leader in EY Smart Buildings services. With 39 years of experience in software product architecture, creation and delivery, he focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT), engineering, energy management, smart buildings and smart manufacturing.

Ken helps organizations define and achieve their objectives, which generally center on improving building occupant experiences, providing more sophisticated energy management, improving sustainability, rightsizing their real estate footprints, improving the resiliency of building systems and enabling them to operate their buildings effectively and efficiently.

Previously, Ken developed engineering software that became the top product globally in its domain. He also led digital transformations at several large companies and was responsible for creating many IoT solutions related to facilities management, smart buildings, data center infrastructure management, solar farm management, smart factories and energy management.

Ken has a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Engineering Design from University College Dublin (UCD).

How Ken is building a better working world

People spend 90% of their time indoors, much of that working. I am focused on strategies and initiatives that help companies determine that their buildings are resilient, sustainable, effective and efficient, and provide healthy, safe and productive environments for their employees. As a smart buildings advocate, I’m building a better working world by helping to reimagine the built environment for a wide range of stakeholders and objectives.

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