Our profound grasp of capital markets and entrepreneurship is what fuels our capacity to drive transformation and innovation at the EY organization, ultimately benefiting EY clients.

Ken Marshall

EY Global Assurance Markets Leader

Steadfast passion for travel. Cherishes quality time with family and friends. Sports enthusiast. Loves outdoor activities including but not limited to golf.

Ken brings over three decades in serving the banking and capital markets and alternative asset management industries across the US and internationally, anchoring his deep understanding of the regulatory and accounting environment tied to financial institutions to an unparalleled degree.

Currently serving as EY Global Assurance Markets Leader, Ken is passionate on providing Private clients with assurance services centered around value, transformation and technology.

Ken's wide-ranging leadership roles within the EY organization, which includes forming the firm's Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) practice in the Americas, furnishes him with a detailed knowledge base that significantly benefits EY clients.

How Ken is building a better working world

"Fostering both an entrepreneurial and market-centric mindset doesn't merely set us apart, it makes our professionals more client focused. As a leader with a cross-functional role in markets and assurance, I know firsthand how this approach drives our evolution, ignites innovation within our teams, and creates strategic market-focused solutions, all contributing significantly to EY clients' success."

Ken's latest thinking

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