Photographic portrait  - Manuel Masri
Cloud is not just an enabler; instead, it’s the catalyst for business to develop more competitive solutions with a set of new skills in a new environment.

Manuel Masri

Partner, Financial Services Organization, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Finding happiness in the day-to-day. Strive to make work experiences as fulfilling as those with family. Love technology. View it not just as a tool, but a driver changing day-to-day experiences.

Leveraging cloud technologies and innovative ideas, Manuel supports clients in building a technology landscape for the journey to cloud. With an entrepreneurial mind, a focus on results, innovation and new business channels, he helps financial institutions in the US and Latin America migrate, operate and enhance their applications, workloads and architectures in public and private cloud environments.

How Manuel is building a better working world

Empowering highly efficient teams, enabling their differentiated skills and experience to help clients achieve their business goals while realizing the potential of their teams, I help clients realize their unique value proposition by leveraging the EY organization’s leading-edge cloud solutions and services — igniting imaginations and supporting a better working world.

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