Photographic portrait of Martin Fiore
Times of great change create opportunities. I am passionate about helping business leaders and our professionals succeed in a world that is both unpredictable and full of remarkable possibilities.

Martin Fiore

EY Americas Deputy Vice Chair – Tax

Focused on purpose, facilitating personal and professional growth. A change agent and transformation optimist. Committed to promoting lifelong learning.

Martin has held a wide range of key strategic, operational and client service leadership roles at the global EY organization, including his current position as Americas Deputy Vice Chair – Tax.

He previously served as the EY US-East Region Tax Leader and Americas Tax Talent Leader. Martin received six industry leadership awards for programs that were introduced under his leadership.

He is a member of the EY Global Tax Executive Committee and the Americas Tax Leadership team. He served for seven years on the Americas Inclusiveness Advisory Council and was Executive Sponsor of the Technology Committee that introduced intelligent automation at the EY organization. Martin is active in organizations related to youth job programs and education and serves on boards of leading universities and charitable organizations. He is author of the 2021 book Humanity Reimagined, which has won awards for its insights and perspectives on artificial intelligence and the convergence of humans and technology.

How Martin is building a better working world

“Innovation and disruption are impacting society like we’ve never experienced before, bringing enormous opportunities for humanity while also raising questions of responsibility for guardrails around technological development, especially in areas such as ethics, trust, and privacy.

I believe that by creating an ecosystem of stakeholders from business, education, government, faith-based organizations, and communities, we can raise awareness and solicit support to preserve and maximize humanity in an era of tremendous technological advancement. EY teams are embracing the acceleration of change to build a better working world.

Just as EY professionals have traditionally played an important role in promoting quality, ethics and business integrity, I believe EY professionals have a responsibility to clients, employees and communities to do all they can to ensure people come first. I am committed to being a catalyst for positive change for humanity.”

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