Nikhil Lele
Winning in the next wave will require foresight to reimagine the business, willingness to challenge the status quo and an appetite for bold action.

Nikhil Lele

EY Global and Americas Consumer Banking Leader

Work toward advancing industry dialogue. Stay at the forefront of key challenges and help leaders face constraints across the financial ecosystem.

Nikhil, EY Global and Americas Consumer Banking Leader, is responsible for driving our go-to-market agenda for the consumer banking sector. This spans clients across traditional bank incumbents, FinTechs, big techs, wealth managers, insurers and, increasingly, non-FS companies with ambitions in banking.

For more than 22 years, Nikhil has worked with many of the world’s leading financial and technology brands to advance and encourage data-driven growth strategies, new digital business/operating models and complex technology/data platform transformations. He is an experienced professional focused on customer growth strategy, digital strategy and customer-centric transformation.

Nikhil also leads the EY Global NextWave Banking agenda, generating deep customer insights and industry benchmarking that help clients navigate the transformative age now, next and beyond.

Nikhil earned his BS in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Computer Science from The College of New Jersey and his MBA in Strategy from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

How Nikhil is building a better working world

Financial institutions are facing major choices that will determine how they stay relevant, earn more customer trust and play to win over the next five years. The groundbreaking EY NextWave research and proprietary insights I create and support help financial services organizations to have a positive impact on consumers’ lives and the industry as a whole. Promoting this financial wellbeing and industry success is how I’m helping to build a better working world.

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