The wealth management industry’s defining question has become “how to win?” in terms of growth, profitability, and sustainable competitive advantage.

Olaf Toepfer

Global Center for Wealth Management Founder & Leader

Passionate about shaping the wealth management industry of tomorrow.

Olaf Toepfer (OT) has founded and leads the EY Global Center for Wealth Management (GCWM) besides leading EY’s Banking & Capital Markets business in Switzerland. He is a member of the Swiss Financial Service Organization Leadership Team. Olaf Toepfer joined EY in 2014.

With a dedicated focus on wealth management for over 30 years, Olaf gained an in depth understanding of banking and specifically the wealth and asset management industry working with clients across Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. Olaf is focused on strategic innovation and business model design, profitable growth and sustainable efficiency improvement..

How Olaf is building a better working world

Olaf leads with ambition to inspire, innovate and enabler transformers in the industry. This has led him to be the founder of the GCWM, where he hopes to create thought leadership that will help clients rethink the future of wealth management through the access of market and client intelligence, strategic concepts and innovation – enabling them to create greater value for clients, stakeholders and society.

Under his leadership EY and the University of St. Gallen (HSG) have founded the Swiss think tank “Redesigning Financial Services” (RFS). RFS is sponsored by leading Swiss and global Financial Services institutions and recognized as a community of next-generation leaders.


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