Appointing a global payroll solution provider is a big decision, especially when it can affect thousands of employees across the globe.

Olivia Yeoh

EY Asean Payroll Operate Leader

Passionate about reshaping payroll strategies and operations. Committed to helping organizations transform and achieve added value beyond compliance. Compassion for abused and disadvantaged families.

With her deep knowledge in payroll strategies, business development, marketing, sales and product development, Olivia actively helps to develop payroll solutions for multinational businesses across Southeast Asia. This covers technology and automation, standardization and implementation of payroll strategies and processes across business entities and countries, management of payroll operations, service delivery, as well as payroll compliance.

Prior to joining EY, she was the business unit head of a leading managed payroll practice handling over US$1 billion worth of payroll expenses for more than 1,000 multinational clients.

Olivia holds an MBA from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

How Olivia is building a better working world

“As organizations expand across borders, managing payroll operations and compliance becomes increasingly challenging due to differences in regulations and practices that are continuously evolving.

By playing a key role in supporting the development of streamlined managed payroll solutions, I help multinational businesses to achieve cost-effectiveness and greater productivity from payroll information that is accurate, timely, easily accessible and compliant with the latest payroll regulations wherever they operate. This also frees up their in-house payroll staff to focus on strategic activities.”

Olivia’s latest thinking

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