Driving better experiences is not just a technology exercise – it is a mindset.

Prasad Krovvidi Prasad Krovvidi

Managing Director, Digital & Emerging Technologies, Ernst & Young LLP

Passionate about driving customer experiences leveraging AI. Physics enthusiast and loves reading.

Prasad is a managing director in the Digital & Emerging Technologies practice focused on delivering innovative personalization solutions across the customer life cycle including sales, servicing, and retention. Prior to EY he was responsible for driving AI-driven decisioning solutions at a large consulting organization. Prasad’s industry focuses include banking, insurance, healthcare and telecom.

How Prasad is building a better working world 

Prasad looks to build innovative solutions that helps organizations provide richer experiences to their clients by leveraging AI and counterbalancing it with organizational objectives. Foundational elements of Prasad’s solutions include value-driven decisions that can be deployed at scale and speed while accounting for decision transparency, allowing businesses to thrive in the digital-first era.

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