Ernst & Young LLP allows me to work in service of clients, helping them achieve their sustainable business goals.

Rae-Anne Alves

EY Americas ESG and Sustainability Supply Chain Leader

Passionate about ESG and sustainability; end-to-end supply chain strategist; people advocate; fitness and wellness enthusiast.

Rae-Anne Alves, Ernst & Young LLP is a leader in the supply chain management field. Throughout the course of her 20-year career she has been recognized as an end-to-end supply chain strategist, thought leader and client delivery professional. She has worked with clients to solve their most pressing challenges in planning, procurement, operations, logistics and analytics. Rae-Anne’s experience is not limited to the supply chain. In fact, she also helps clients stand up new businesses, evaluate additional revenue streams, and consider divestitures and acquisitions. In Rae-Anne’s current role at Ernst & Young LLP, she advises clients in transforming their supply chains with sustainability in mind.

How Rae-Anne is building a better working world

I am passionate about advocating and providing opportunities for those around me. My goal is to lead with positivity in all my interactions. This passion has allowed me to focus on people development in and outside of the workplace. As I have grown in my career, I have been fortunate enough to help those around me reach their goals whether that was a new job, a promotion or even going back to school.

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