Photographic portrait of Richard Golik
In a rapidly-transforming media and entertainment landscape, we help companies develop strategies to reduce business risks and to seize the opportunities.

Richard Golik

EY Global Technology Media and Telecom (TMT) Senior Analyst

Keen observer of how technology is changing all forms of consumption and the way we interact with each other. History buff. Outdoors enthusiast. Music lover.

As a EY Global TMT Senior Analyst, Richard (Rich) delivers insightful analysis and recommendations on how companies should react to a rapidly-transforming value chain.

Rich also serves in a Strategic Communications role. Before joining EY member firms, Rich was Senior Editor for two internationally-circulated business and trade magazines.

He has more than 20 years of experience as an analyst covering the media and entertainment, technology, telecoms and industrial products industries. Rich has authored several pieces of EY-branded content on digital transformation and emerging industry trends, including “Top 10 opportunities and threats for Media & Entertainment companies.”

Rich holds a BA in Political Science from Bowling Green State University.

How Richard is building a better working world

Technology is radically reshaping the way TMT companies interact with their customers—and each other. Rich helps TMT companies understand the demand shifts that are driving the industry, and how they impact the long-term growth and profitability of their businesses.

Outside his role within the EY organization, Rich is a frequent volunteer with the Special Needs Ministry of Bay Presbyterian Church.

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