An effective health, safety and wellbeing approach to the challenges organizations face today should consider the interactions of humans and systems.

Roberto C Garcia

Partner, Environment Health and Safety, Ernst & Young

Helps improve business performance using leading health and safety services. Believes that employee-led commercial success is achieved by improving strategic focus and leadership standards.

Roberto is a psychologist, with extensive experience in advancing health and safety performance through organizational development, executive leadership and culture transformation. His consultation experience spans Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East.

Roberto is experienced in the development of Environment, health and safety (EHS) strategies, transformations, culture change and integration of the EHS initiatives to overall organizational objectives. This includes leadership development and psychosocial risk management.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology and Human Bioscience, as well as a masters in Organizational Psychology.

How Roberto is building a better working world

“I am building a better working world by encouraging different organizations worldwide to not revert to complex or rigid siloes, but instead build new comprehensive Health and Safety at Work (HSW) frameworks that advance workplace conditions around the world, while helping empowering workers’ innovation, resilience, ambitions and problem-solving abilities.”

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