I am passionate about enabling teams pursuing innovative thinking and fostering effective collaboration aiming to help accelerate EY clients’ innovation and digital transformation.

Sarah bachert

EY wavespace™ Germany Experience Leader, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Certified design thinking coach. Full of energy and passion. Loves traveling the world and practicing Yoga.

Sarah is the EY wavespace Experience Leader in Germany, overseeing a central team of EY wavespace facilitators since January 2020. Collaborating closely with location leads throughout Germany, she effectively manages the comprehensive implementation of mobile and virtual EY wavespace capabilities in the region.

Sarah helps clients across sectors in their transformation journey with a focus on Health Sciences & Wellness. She believes in adding value to the clients by providing hands-on experiences and co-creating stellar solutions.

Sarah started her EY career in 2016 as Team Coordinator in Human Resources and joined the Innovation@EY Team at Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, as the Innovation Manager in February 2018. 

Sarah earned an MSc in Psychology and a Diploma in Educational Science. She is a certified HPI Design Thinking Coach and a certified Facilitator of the Strategy Playgroup.

How Sarah is building a better working world

"My mission is applying human-centered design to uncover client needs and innovation potential to then iteratively help create new solutions. Therefore, it’s important to come together in interactive teams, bring in different perspectives and build on the ideas of others. "Fail early, fail fast" is an often-cited quote and to me reveals the mindset secret and courage to iterate required that an open approach leads to even better solutions for EY clients..”

Our latest thinking

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