Completing the circle of inclusion at an organization means building a diverse and sustainable supplier ecosystem to create a mindset outside your doors in the communities where you work.

Theresa M Harrison

EY Global Environmental Social Governance Services Leader

A recognized leader in the industry. Works to build awareness on the importance of driving inclusion and sustainability within the supply chain that delivers innovation to EY and our clients.

As EY Director – Environmental Social Governance Services (ESGS) in Procurement, Theresa drives an inclusive and sustainable mindset to procure in a sustainable way looking beyond short-term needs and considering the longer-term impacts. She oversees EY’s approach to create a distinctive experience for small, diverse and sustainable suppliers by teaming together to develop innovative solutions and strategies for EY, our clients and the communities we serve.

A member of the Procurement Executive, Theresa chairs the ESG Network that supports ESGS in monitoring and tracking the Procurement organization to buy sustainably sourced products and services and build an inclusive supply chain.

An award winning and recognized leader in the industry, Theresa is a frequent public speaker and works to build awareness of the importance of supplier diversity both inside and outside of EY. She earned a BS in Business Management from Emmanuel College and an MBA in Management from Bentley University.

How Theresa is building a better working world

As part of EY’s purpose of building a better working world, Theresa Harrison, leader of the Environmental Social Governance Services (ESGS) team, is driving an inclusive and sustainable mindset across EY. Theresa fosters a distinctive environment empowering diverse suppliers and sustainable perspectives to develop innovative solutions for EY, our clients and the communities we serve.

Theresa’s latest thinking

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